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Commercial Garbage Disposal Services in Vancouver, BC

If you run a restaurant or other food service establishment, a commercial garbage disposal is an essential part of daily operations. Disposing of food waste to send into the wastewater system can’t be done unless a disposal grinds down the food particles first. This is important not only to help protect the plumbing so it doesn’t become clogged with food particles but also to meet local codes that restrict what a business can send into the municipal sewer system.

Commercial disposals are larger and much more powerful than their cousins found in the sinks of homes. The garbage disposals at your company need to have special professional care from commercial plumbers. If you are planning to install a new disposal, you will also need to rely on experts to find the right unit and then put in place so that it does its jobs and doesn’t damage the area around it. Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber has the commercial garbage disposal services you need in Vancouver, BC. Give our team a call today.

Do you need a new commercial garbage disposal or repairs for your current one? Call Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber and let our commercial plumbers in Vancouver, BC and throughout the Lower Mainland area handle the job.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement

The first step in putting in a new garbage disposal, whether it’s the first disposal for a new location or it is replacing an aging unit, is to find the right type of disposal. There are many different models of commercial disposals: for a business with smaller waste disposal needs, a single horsepower unit may be sufficient, while a large company, such as a hotel, or any establishment that deals with material that’s more difficult to grind may require a heavy–duty 10 horse–power disposal. The units call can be either single phase or three phase.

If you aren’t sure about what type of disposal will meet your business’ specific requirements, you don’t have to worry: picking the right disposal is the job of your installers. They will see that the new unit will have the right horsepower for the job and match all your other needs without becoming an energy waster. They will then see that the new unit is mounted securely in place so that its vibrations do not damage other fixtures or cause the unit to loosen. The installers will make sure that the disposal is correctly connected to the plumbing and the power system.

Do You Need Repairs for Your Commercial Garbage Disposal?

At the first indication that your garbage disposal needs repair service, call on our experts to take care of the job. Here are a number of issues you should watch for:

  • Leaks and odours: When the seals around a disposal start to wear down, waste will begin to escape, creating leaks and bad odours. This can present health hazards for your business.
  • Humming: A humming sound without any other action usually means the motor or impellor is burned out.
  • Jams: Should the flywheel become stuck, don’t attempt to dislodge it by hand! Call for help before the jam burns out the motor.
  • Clogs: The unit won’t drain. This could be clogging in the plumbing, or it might be a failure of the disposal to grind down food waste properly.

Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber is Your Commercial Garbage Disposal Experts

Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber offers the same fast, quality service for commercial garbage disposals as we do for all other commercial plumbing needs. Call us in Vancouver, BC for all your disposal needs, and we’ll see that you’re always happy with the results.